Sizes: 5/8” x 3/4”

  • potable-cold-waterAccurate in any orientation
  • Remote ready
  • Large numbers for easy reading
  • Built-in strainer
  • Rated to 120° F and 150 psi
  • 1 pulse = 5 USG
  • Great low flow
  • No-lead (SM15B) or polymer (SM15P), both meet NSF 61/g standards
  • Polycarbonate lens resists scratching
  • 1-year new meter accuracy warranty
  • 5-year standard warranty for body, register, and accuracy (AWWA C701)

Applications- Use to measure single direction flow of potable cold water in residential, commercial and industrial services.

Main casing- Complying with NSF 61/g the SM15 main casings are made of no-lead (SM15B) or polymer (SM15P) material. All SM15’s meet or exceed NSF 61/g and are labelled accordingly. The SM15 lid shows the manufacturer’s name while the case demonstrates the direction of flow. Plus, the serial number is engraved on the body.

Register- Has a fully sealed, liquid filled, combined gear and register with a straight odometer for visual reading. The register unit is manufactured with a direct drive assembly and gears giving it an extended life.

Measuring chamber- Measuring chamber is an oscillating piston type (positive displacement) and is made one of the following engineered plastics:

  • Polyethylene ether (PPE) per ASTM D4349
  • Nylon (N) per ANSI/ ASTM D4066
  • Polyethylene per ASTM D1248
  • Polystyrene per ASTM D4549

All materials meet NSF 61/g standards.


Typical Operating Range +/- 1.5% (gpm) 1/4 - 15 Physical Characteristics  
Low Flow (Min. 95%) (gpm) 1/8 Meter length Screw Ends (in.) 4-1/2
Max Continuous Operating Flow (gpm) 15 Meter Casing Spuds Nominal Thread Size (in.) 1
Max Operating Capacity (gpm) 20 Couplings (Tailpieces) Length (in.) 2

Max Operating Temperature (°F)

120 Nominal Thread Size (in.)                           3/4
Max Operating Pressure (psi) 150 Weight (lbs) SM15B/SM15P    2 / 1
Meets or exceeds latest revision of ISO 4064/1 and BS 5728/1 Class B   Meets or exceeds latest revision of SO 4064/1 and BS 5728/1 Class B  

 For about Guarantee, Materials, Register Functionality, Meter Accuracy and for additional information contact Singenis.