master-meter-2Sizes: 1-1/2", 2" Flanged or Threaded

Accurately capture low flow readings in locations where turbine meters are inaccurate. The Master Meter™ Intermediate Multi-jet is tough and easy to install. Select either a bolted oval flange or threaded design and enjoy longevity while being prepared for the future. The modular register is designed to allow easy and free upgrades to new reading technologies. You can upgrade the processors long before their bodies need replacement.

Informed Business Decisions — Good for You and your Customers

Select the optional DIALOG 3G® Integrated AMR Register and include the ConnectionFree™ AMR Technology will work for you and your business customers. The 3G delivers useful results by recording up to 4,000 read data points that may define consumer profiles, locate peaks and valleys in water usage and can help them consumers make informed water use decisions. This may improve conservation initiatives and while reducing customer billing complaints. 3G also monitors for your utility’s bottom line with reports like Revenue Impact Alerts™ leak monitoring, theft (backflow), tamper, and zero consumption. Our register houses all vital components — encoder, RF transmitter, battery and antenna — safely within the sealed stainless steel and tempered glass enclosure allowing the elimination of external wires, components and connections which are the cause of maintenance related issues. Master Meter Intermediate Multi-jet meters are designed with your future in mind and are for use in mobile and fixed network AMR/AMI data management systems.


DIALOG 3G Integrated AMR Register
DIALOG 3G LCD Interpreter™
DIALOG 2G Indoor
Electrical Output Register
Direct Read


Direct Read/Manual
Proximity/Wand Read - 2G
Mobile Drive-By AMR - 3G
Fixed Network AMI Solution - Utilizes the 3G technology backbone with simultaneous Mobile AMR and Fixed Network AMI data collection capabilities.


  • AWWA Standard - Meets or exceeds all sections of Standard ANSI / AWWA C708, most recent revision for cold water multi-jet meters with AWWA bronze main cases. NSF/ANSI Standard 61 -Optional EnviroBrass unleaded main case available.
  • Design/Operation - Velocity - type flow measurement. Water that is evenly distributed by multiple converging inlet ports flows past an impeller in the measuring chamber, creating an impeller velocity directly proportional to water flow rate. The meter’s register integrates that velocity into totalized flow. An inherent advantage for this design is exceptionally low head loss for improved infrastructure efficiencies and unparalleled wear mitigation. The register assembly is removable under line pressure permitting seamless, simplified upgrades in reading technology.
  • Main Case - Choice of waterworks bronze case of 81% copper composition or EnviroBrass® II, 86% copper, unleaded bronze. Main case incorporates either compact externally threaded ends, or bolted flanged connections.
  • Measuring Chamber - The measuring chamber housing and measurement element are built with an advanced synthetic polymer. This tough, non-hydrolyzing material ensures durable wear. The chamber design optimizes water flow, eliminating harsh turbulence for smooth, easy, operation that minimizes bearing wear.

  • Measurement surfaces are not wear surfaces, providing sustained accuracy despite the presence of entrained solids in the water. A long-life, synthetic sapphire bearing serves as a wear surface. The chamber housing is constructed in two parts to allow access to the impeller.
  • Magnetic Drive - A reliable, direct magnetic drive provides linkage between measurement element and register. No intermediate gearing is required; no gearing is exposed to water.
  • Register - Standard Direct Read, DIALOG 2G and DIALOG 3G AMR System registers are available. Six wheel odometers are standard. Together, an integrated and migratable technology environment is attained; direct, proximity (wand), mobile AMR, and Fixed Network AMI.
  • Register Sealing - All Direct read and DIALOG® registers are IP-68 rated, permanently sealed with a scratch resistant glass lens, stainless steel base and wrap-around gasket to prevent intrusion of dirt or moisture.
  • Register Units - Registration available in either U.S. gallons, cubic feet or cubic meters.
  • Test Circle - Large center sweep hand with one hundred (100) clearly marked gradations on the periphery of the dial face.
  • Magnetic Drive - A reliable, direct magnetic drive provides linkage between measuring element and register so that no gearing is exposed to water.
  • Test Circle - Large center sweep hand with one hundred (100) clearly marked gradations near the periphery of the dial face.
  • Low Flow/Leak Indicator -Clearly visible leak indicator with high sensitivity resulting from direct one-to-one linkage to the measuring element.
  • Strainer -A rugged, 360-degree polymer basket strainer protects the critical measuring element from damage.
  • Adjusting Port Detection -The Master Meter Multi-jet adjusting port is sealed after factory calibration to prevent tampering and provides a visual indication of tampering attempts. Port is accessible for utility recalibration to compensate for inaccuracy in older meters without parts replacement.