fampolyThe Flexible Axis Meters from Master Meter™ can be installed in almost any location while decreasing costs. These quiet flexible axis meters can be installed in residential settings between studs, under counters, and next to pipes inside of walls. The patented design makes certain that the measuring chamber is always horizontal and therefore accurate. In most cases it is easy to use the Flexible Axis Meters when retrofitting without expensive re-plumbing.

Remote Read

Flexible data collection options include an integrated reader which logs up to 4,000 data points and is able to provide detailed usage profiles, leak monitoring, theft, tamper and zero consumption notification. The Flexible Axis Meter supports fixed network reads, handheld and mobile reads that can be integrated into most “Read Bill and Collect” systems.


  • Direct Read/Manual
  • Proximity/Wand Read - 2G
  • Mobile Drive-By AMR - 3G
  • Fixed Linx™ Fixed Network AMI Solution - Utilizes the 3G technology backbone with simultaneous Mobile AMR and Fixed Network AMI data collection capabilities

Features & Benefits:

  • 360° Angle Installation Flexibility
  • Fits Tight Inside Space Challenges
  • Flushing or Testing Plug Eliminates Need for Jumper Tubes
  • Sustained Accuracy for Maximum Revenue Over Time
  • Engineered for Efficient Flow Patterns with Minimal Head Loss
  • Quiet Operation Ideal for Inside Residential Use
  • Meets All Applicable AWWA Standards; Optional NSF-61 Certification
  • AMR/AMI Capable

With Optional 3G Integrated Register

  • Rich 4,000 Read Data Logging Capabilities (scalable / customer defined resolution)
  • Revenue Impact Alerts - Leak, Tamper, Theft (back flow), and Zero Consumption
  • Deploy District Metering Areas or Zones (DMA/DMZ) Advanced Infrastructure Leak Management Programs.
  • Supports Conservation Program Enforcement