multi-jetThe bellwether technology is a standard around the world for precise flow measurement and it is effective in all water conditions.

Features & Benefits

  • Clean, elegant measurement design is highly sensitive to leaks and low flow while limiting wear for excellent revenue protection.
  • Measures with only moving part moving part that is hydro-dynamically balanced on a sapphire bearing to preserve accuracy for the life of the meter.
  • Exceptional capabilities for passing entrained solids and operating in environments with high mineral content.
  • Proprietary design produces smooth, laminar flow profile for improved, sustained accuracy.
  • Rugged basket strainer built from advanced polymer materials for superior wear mitigation.
  • Creates an exceptional measurement foundation on which to add Dialog 3G Mobile, FixedLinx, and GridLinx AMI data solutions.
  • Accuracy meets or exceeds the AWWA C-708 Standard. Optional NSF Certification Available

Technical Specifications

  • AWWA Standard - Meets or exceeds all sections of AWWA Standard C-708, most recent revision. Optional NSF/ANSI Standard 61 certified no lead main case available.
  • Design/Operation - Velocity-type flow measurement. Water that is evenly distributed by multiple converging inlet ports flows past an impeller in the measuring chamber, creating an impeller velocity directly proportional to water flow rate. The meter’s register integrates that velocity into totalized flow. The register assembly is removable under line pressure permitting seamless, simplified upgrades in reading technology.
  • Measuring Chamber - The measuring chamber housing and measurement element are built with an advanced synthetic polymer. Measurement surfaces are not wear surfaces, providing sustained accuracy despite the presence of entrained solids in the water. A long life, synthetic sapphire bearing serves as a wear surface with radially balanced water flows. The chamber housing is constructed in two parts to allow access to the impeller. Bottom plates available in Bronze, Cast Iron (CI) or Engineered Plastic.
  • Register Sealing - Direct read and DIALOG® registers are permanently sealed with a scratch resistant glass lens, stainless steel base and wrap-around gasket to prevent intrusion of dirt or moisture. Available in USG, CF or M. Equipped with center mounted low flow leak indicator with high sensitivity resulting from direct one to one linkage to measuring element and large center sweep hand with one hundred (100) clearly marked gradations on the periphery of the dial face.
  • Strainer - A rugged, 360-degree advance polymer basket strainer protects the critical measuring element from damage. The unique strainer design smoothes the flow of water entering into the meter creating a laminar flow that is gentle on the meter’s internal components. Tough materials operating in a smooth, balanced environment enable the meters to perform more accurately over time. Utilities’ investments last longer while capturing more revenue.
  • Magnetic Drive - A reliable, direct magnetic drive provides linkage between measurement element and register. No intermediate gearing is required; no gearing is exposed to water.
  • Tamper Detection - The Master Meter Multi-jet adjusting port and register are concealed to prevent tampering and removal of the register. This design also provides a visual indication of tampering attempts.