nowireWirelessly records and displays meter readings for small to medium sized properties. Industry proven wireless technology by Inovonics eliminates the need for long and costly wiring installation to the meters. NoWire™ provides onsite meter reading via the front panel LCD display and, with the CellConnect™ cell modem option, daily readings via the internet.


Up To 32 wireless transmitters can be read by NoWire™. To read water, electric or gas meters the meter pulse output is attached to a pulse transmitter. Temperature, humidity, and analog input transmitters are also available. No FCC license is required for these battery operated transmitters. The transmitters were designed by Inovonics specifically for multifamily properties and are currently installed in more than 1.6 million apartment units.


To install a NoWire™ system, simply connect the meter pulse wires to the Inovonics transmitters. After connecting power to the NoWire™ main receiver unit, walk through a series of step-by-step menus to identify meters with meaningful names and their units of measure. The information for each meter is then scrolled through on the display and available for remote access via Modbus protocol or CellConnect™ cell modem.


  • nowire2Local meter display for 32 wireless and 4 wired meter pulse inputs.
  • 4 optically isolated pulse outputs that follow any of the meter pulse inputs.
  • Modbus protocol output via RS-485 Serial Port to other data management devices.
  • Uses Inovonics Echostream wireless technology.  Inovonics is the leader in the wireless submetering industry and provides wireless equipment for ADT home security systems.
  • No software required.  100% configurable via the onboard pushbuttons and passcode protected menus.
  • Use the EN1501 pulse transmitter as well as other Inovonics security transmitters and repeaters to extend your range indefinitely.
  • Built in EN4000 receiver. Add EN5040 repeaters for extending range.
  • Backlit 2x16 LCD display for great visibility.
  • NEMA4X outdoor rating.  Small size: 6.7"x4.8"x2.2".
  • Wall transformer power supply included.
  • Does not come with transmitters. Transmitters sold separately.


Add the GSM cell modem option for simple remote connectivity for the following services:

  • MeterData™ Daily meter reads available via the Internet.
  • ResidentBill™ Monthly billing service where we prepare and mail the bills to your tenants.