dcpThe DCAP is the heart of the Tehama Wireless Automated Meter Reading (AMR) system. The DCAP incorporates a powerful embedded microcomputer, a comprehensive database, and an integrated radio transceiver to communicate with the Repeaters and each MDT/meter node in the Tehama RF network.

The internal database contains the site configuration information such as MDT Radio IDs, major serial numbers, installation information and maintenance notes so everything about the property metering information and the RF network is contained in one location.

The DCAP collects and stores meter readings from MDT’s in the network and relays this information automatically to a billing company via the Ethernet connection or through our optional CellConnect cellular data service. Data can be received by email or sent to your FTP site, using the standard CSV format, or optionally in the .OUT format.

CellConnect Cellular Modem with Service

The complete wireless submetering solution. Tehama Wireless configures these cellular modem and provisions the cellular service so it works right out of the box. No hassles with the property management, configuring the IP address or firewalls, are getting a wired connection to where you need it.