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The Singenis Corporation is committed to superior performance and reliability. It is our goal to administer systems and programs that afford financial benefit to utility providers and property owners, demonstrate fairness and accuracy to consumers, assure compliance with applicable city, county, state and federal laws, and encourage responsible use of our natural resources.





We aren't new to this - we have the skills and knowledge that come with years in the field. The Singenis Corporation, headquartered in Lubbock, Texas, has been a provider of metering and Ratio Utility Billing (RUBS) allocation solutions since 1997. The Singenis Corporation’s metering experience includes installation of a wide variety of utility meters, automated meter reading (AMR) systems, maintenance, monitoring, and billing.

The Singenis Corporation was founded by Paul Anderson to provide cutting edge utility billing, submetering and allocation services for water, gas, electric, cable television, central systems and refuse collection.

We have grown based on our reputation - we don't take that lightly. The Singenis Corporation began with 474 accounts and has grown to more than 20,000 accounts, serving locations throughout the states of Texas, Arizona, Kansas, Missouri, Ohio, and Oklahoma. We are responsible for administering, engineering, designing, and maintaining all installed submetering and AMR systems for our clients. The Singenis Corporation complies with all rules, regulations and utility statutes set forth by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, Public Utility Commission of Texas, and the Railroad Commission of Texas, as well as the numerous regulatory entities located in additional states where the company operates.

We offer a wide variety of services backed by our expertise - we go above and beyond to meet your needs.  Today, The Singenis Corporation offers meter and AMR installations for utility providers, retrofits to existing buildings and services new constructions. For water, electric and natural gas utility providers; multifamily and commercial property owners, we offer fixed-based, wireless AMR systems and metering solutions.

The Singenis Corporation can provide billing, payment processing, and customer care services for any meter, submeter or RUBS allocation project. We utilizes state of the art utility billing software, online payment processing, and account maintenance to provide 24-hour account information for our clients.